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The primauteur of this blik and convener of this Institute is JFC Morfin. His motivations were analysed by Vint Cerf:

  • in 1978 (motivation of the Internet project):
"to allow new networking technology to be introduced into the existing catenet while remaining functionally compatible with existing systems. This allows for the phased introduction [1] of new and obsolescence of old networks without requiring a global simultaneous change"

  • in 2009 :
"I think there is considerable room for innovation and standardization at a conceptual "presentation" layer - such a layer was not defined in the Internet while some effort to define on was in the OSI system. [] Some might go so far as to suggest re-inventing the system of binding strings to internet addresses (what the DNS does) [] it might be considered in the future and in my opinion, it is in these areas (presentation and re-definition) that much of your work, jefsey, has relevance."

  • JFCM, as Director, TYMNET/Extended Services, was in charge of the technological deployement of this capacity for the International Public Packet Switch systems and services (IPSS). He authorized and conducted the connection of the Internet to the IPSS, and the integration of its addressing plan within the ITU X121 framework (RFC 923); until a technical "status quo" was imposed by the US Governement in 1986. This was only lift on Oct. 1st, 2016.